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Find out how a Master Trainer managed to not only naturally recover from a rare autoimmune disease, but thrive afterwards.

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Lyme Disease Infection


Lyme Disease Infection

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Lyme Disease Infection

While travelling in Montreal, I fell quite ill. I started feeling sluggish, poor digestion and my overall fatigue was significantly increased. I never really knew what Lyme Disease was or that it was contracted through a bug bite. My wife and I are both trainers, and lived a very active and healthy lifestyle. So, as with most people, I didn't think much of it as I was a young, healthy individual with no prior immune issues, so I tried to forget about it figuring it would pass by on it's own. Little did I know, I was bitten by a tic and this was the start of a very long battle with Lyme Disease.

I did not seek treatment right away, nor did I notice the common bullseye rash associated with the tic bite, which unfortunately, led to my downfall as treatment for Lyme disease is only effective up to 6 weeks after the bite. So, this started 3 long years of pain with no path to recovery in sight.

Having been a fitness trainer for 11 years, losing over 50 lbs in only a few months was devastating for me. Not being able to eat or digest my food, losing motor function in my jaw, my pinky and ring finger fingers on both hands, and inflammation of my spine virtually left me immobile and wasting away. My mobile function was so bad that my wife would have to assist me just to go to the washroom 10 feet from the bed. As you could imagine, this was one of the most gut wrenching experiences of my life, both as fitness professional and as a husband.

Watching my body melt and lose the function I worked so hard to achieve was not something I planned for at such a young age.  This was supposed to be the prime of my life. In all honesty and in my experience, many doctors aren't too familiar with the disease, some even claiming that it doesn't exist and the lab results showing the infection can be interpreted many ways. As someone who is accredited in Sports Medicine, I am always open to listening to what diagnosis they thought it could be. However, I'd never get a clear or concise answer, diagnosis or referral to someone who knows about these types of infections. It was made clear after 1 year of searching for Doctors with a worsening condition, I didn't have time to waste waiting for traditional medicine to help me unfortunately. All I knew was that up until I contracted this infection I was healthy as an ox. Right after, my body started to deteriorate without letup, and fast.

So, I relied on my knowledge of the human body and went back to the basics of what makes an individual healthy, mobile and pain free. Essentially, giving my body a fighting chance to recover from my autoimmune condition on its own. The principles in which they boiled down to were
Dexterity (being able to use your hands and feet to support your limb function and motor skills), Muscle Activation & Mobility (making sure your muscles can contract properly in conjunction with your nervous system, then increasing those ranges of motion), Strength & Hypertrophy (building your muscles back in those new ranges), Nutrition & Recovery (eating to restore your immune system, gut health, fat loss, muscle growth and connective tissue repair, as well as reducing excess inflammation in the body), and finally Sleep & Psychology (finding a way to motivate yourself  and train your brain to continue this journey in a sustainable way, which in turn can promote the healthy mindset you need to turn your brain off at night and get into a deep sleep).

After developing this program from an inside out approach and sticking to it for a full year, I have not only recovered from my chronic illness, but I have helped hundreds of people get back to the prime of their lives. I had a very severe case so it took me a year, however many improved in their first month of Lyme to Prime. This program isn't only for people with autoimmune issues, it's for anyone wanting to finally rebuild their body and mind so that they can get the best possible quality of life back in a sustainable way. My experiences gave birth to the Lyme to Prime Method of training made available by my company, The Global Fit Company.

Since recovering, I have worked with professional athletes, top Hollywood  executives, and everyday people like you and I to teach them the Lyme to Prime method and bring them the latest in science, fitness & technology. This isn't just a workout program, it's a whole workout experience that can finally help get you out of that rut you've been in, and get you back to the prime of your life.

-Mstr. Trainer Deni Zulic

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